24 November 2010

Super Streetstyle

I am in awe of this look from head to toe.  Effortlessly chic and cool.  That scarf and bag combo is unexpected and I love that she paired her leather leggings with some hightops.  And the coat?  No words...


via Stockholm Streetstyle

19 November 2010

Show Me Your i-D

This pretty much speaks for itself.  All 13 covers of i-D that Kate Moss has appeared on from 1993 to the present day.  So many different looks from over the years but all quintessentially "Kate" - which is what makes her so iconic, of course.  Enjoy.

13 November 2010

I'm A Fetish-ist

These Givenchy "Fetish" ankle boots are pretty outta sight.  Love that oversized opening - tres flattering - and the addition of that t-strap is a nice one.  If only the price wasn't so out of my range; oh, and I probably couldn't walk in those puppies anyway.  I'll have to just go with this image to satiate my craving.

Buy them here at Brown's Fashion.

12 November 2010

Rock Lobster

Yes, it isn't very practical but who cares - it's SICK!!!  Check out this amazing Phillip Treacy headpiece Dree Hemingway is sporting in the November issue of Vogue Italia Glitter.

dree glitter3 Dree Hemingway by Richard Burbridge for <em>Vogue Italia Glitter</em>

via Fashion Gone Rogue

Emma Watson - Marie Claire (December 2010)

I am loving everything about Emma Watson in these photos from the December issue of Marie Claire.  That pixie cut is super chic and flattering and a nice change for her.  (Oh to have the fact to pull off this look!)  The makeup is fresh and the styling is a lot of fun and totally age-appropriate.  Kudos to Marie Claire and photographer Tesh for going this direction instead of the usual over-styled, over-sexed route most mags seem to take these days with young actresses.

08 November 2010

Pump Up the Jam

I came across the cover art for this book on one of my daily reads, SFGirlbyBay, and,  I'll admit it, I gasped a little.  Something about it is so striking.  And appetizing.  And inspiring. 

I do love me some jam...and homemade jam sounds even better - think of the possible combos!!! 

Get the book here - Blue Chair Jam Cookbook - and, as always, check out Miss Victoria Smith and her wonderful blog here - sfgirlbybay.

07 November 2010

Freja En-Masqued

Oh to be a supermodel at a masquerade party...

via charmedshe*ssure

06 November 2010

22 October 2010

The Morning Benders + Take Away Shows = Pure Bliss

If you haven't discovered The Morning Benders yet, I urge you to rush to your nearest record store or, who are we kidding, log onto iTunes and purchase their beautiful album Big Echo immediately. You won't be sorry. 

If you haven't discovered La Blogotheque and their ingenius Take Away Shows feature you are sorely missing out. The site features videos of some of my own personal fave bands out there (Beirut, The Dirty Projectors, The Delta Spirit, Bon Iver, Lykke Li, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, etc.) performing in environments that, on your luckiest day, you would probably not get to witness for yourself. Feel like you're right there standing on that street corner in Paris clapping and toe-tapping along by bookmarking it immediately. You can thank me later.

I leave you with the aformentioned performance from The Morning Benders - doing a new song called "Virgins." Stunning.

Don't Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

This leopard flannel bedding from Ballard Designs look like the perfect way to keep your self cozy and keep your room looking uber-chic all Winter long.  It comes as a sheet set and as a duvet cover and, of course, I can't decide which I want to get.  Doing both is a bit excessive, I think - even tho I love me some leopard print, especially in this light palate.  Maybe the duvet and then a striped sheet set to pair it with?  Or the sheet set and then a solid textured duvet (like the great ones West Elm has to offer)?  Hm...

via the Decorista

21 October 2010

I 'Do

I have been growing out my hair for a while now and it has officially entered "long" territory!  The amount of self-restraint I have applied to NOT cut my hair just out of sheer boredom with my current look has been impressive...and difficult to maintain.  Now that I have an idea in mind as to what I want to do next with it, though, I think I'll get over the hump and outlast that temptation.  How modern Francoise Hardy/Marianne Faithfull is this look?  LOVE.  Julia Stegner is rocking it beautifully herself here.

Green Machine

I am currently crushing on these clog/boots.  Never got into the return-of-the-clog trend but I can totally roll with these - a little clog/desert boot mash-up, if you will.  PLUS - they're in my fave color: olive!  And at $150 they are totally affordable - sign me up Steve Madden! 


Elyse Walker

18 October 2010

A Girl Can Dream...

Yeah, this is kinda the ultimate dream dressing room.  Not really anything here that I haven't daydreamed about repeatedly.  *Sigh*

via Lonny

16 October 2010

Up, Up and Away!

Sasha Pivovarova is always adorable but she found a way to be even more adorable in this shot below.  Love her.

via Altamira: Models Off Duty

15 October 2010

Get Your Nails Did

As per usual, I am in desperate need of some mani/pedi action this weekend.  I am absolutely jonesing for the Essie Winter 2010 Collection which, unfortunately, does not come out until November 1st (blasted!).  Although...when it does come out, I have a feeling I will have some trouble deciding which color to go with - they're all stunning.  Perhaps Silken CordLuxedo is pretty luscious, though.  Well, I have time to figure it out - and I'm sure it will help to see each in person.  Which is your fave?


Homegirl is looking GOOD. The perfect day-to-night outfit - for a big city gal.  Replace motorcycle jacket with blazer for the office; put the leather back on for a night out. 

14 October 2010

"Office Space"

As I type this, I am splayed out on my "apartment sized" couch (read: small).  THIS is where I should be working from.  Maybe I'd get more done this way.  I'd be doing myself a favor!

courtesy of sfgirlbybay for Rue

I'm a Blogger!!!

Well...not really yet.  BUT I have been inspired to start one thanks to the MANY amazing blogs out there that I follow regularly (see left).  I'm excited to get started...but also a little nervous.  Is that weird?  Anyhoo - for my first post, I share with you a little ditty that I am LOVING right now.  The song is called "Truth" and is by an artist named Alexander...aka Mr Alex Ebert of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros!  I can't find the song to download anywhere but I did luck out and score the following on YouTube:

Thanks to SiriusXMU and Jenny Eliscu for introducing me to yet killer song.