24 November 2010

Super Streetstyle

I am in awe of this look from head to toe.  Effortlessly chic and cool.  That scarf and bag combo is unexpected and I love that she paired her leather leggings with some hightops.  And the coat?  No words...


via Stockholm Streetstyle

19 November 2010

Show Me Your i-D

This pretty much speaks for itself.  All 13 covers of i-D that Kate Moss has appeared on from 1993 to the present day.  So many different looks from over the years but all quintessentially "Kate" - which is what makes her so iconic, of course.  Enjoy.

13 November 2010

I'm A Fetish-ist

These Givenchy "Fetish" ankle boots are pretty outta sight.  Love that oversized opening - tres flattering - and the addition of that t-strap is a nice one.  If only the price wasn't so out of my range; oh, and I probably couldn't walk in those puppies anyway.  I'll have to just go with this image to satiate my craving.

Buy them here at Brown's Fashion.

12 November 2010

Rock Lobster

Yes, it isn't very practical but who cares - it's SICK!!!  Check out this amazing Phillip Treacy headpiece Dree Hemingway is sporting in the November issue of Vogue Italia Glitter.

dree glitter3 Dree Hemingway by Richard Burbridge for <em>Vogue Italia Glitter</em>

via Fashion Gone Rogue

Emma Watson - Marie Claire (December 2010)

I am loving everything about Emma Watson in these photos from the December issue of Marie Claire.  That pixie cut is super chic and flattering and a nice change for her.  (Oh to have the fact to pull off this look!)  The makeup is fresh and the styling is a lot of fun and totally age-appropriate.  Kudos to Marie Claire and photographer Tesh for going this direction instead of the usual over-styled, over-sexed route most mags seem to take these days with young actresses.

08 November 2010

Pump Up the Jam

I came across the cover art for this book on one of my daily reads, SFGirlbyBay, and,  I'll admit it, I gasped a little.  Something about it is so striking.  And appetizing.  And inspiring. 

I do love me some jam...and homemade jam sounds even better - think of the possible combos!!! 

Get the book here - Blue Chair Jam Cookbook - and, as always, check out Miss Victoria Smith and her wonderful blog here - sfgirlbybay.

07 November 2010

Freja En-Masqued

Oh to be a supermodel at a masquerade party...

via charmedshe*ssure